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Whether you have junior support agents with no manager or you are a founder handling everything yourself; figuring out how to get things started is hard.

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Where do you even begin?

You want your customer experience to be awesome but can't afford a tenured Support Leader yet. Someone who has run a support operation before who handle managing a team, choose your support technology and teach your team how to use it. But you're not there yet.

Option A

Take a stab at it yourself while balancing dozens of other responsibilities.

Option B

Do things 'part way', and redo it in the not too distant future.

Option C

Leave things as is and hope that if it's not broken, it's not worth fixing.

There's a lot to think about

Deciding, configuring and managing everything is a whole other set of constantly changing questions.

Let us do the work for you


• What ticketing system should I use?
• Should I offer phone support?
• What about live chat? At what times?


• Hire an intern or a staffing service?
• International or local? Part or full-time?
• What quality is my team maintaining?


• Do I need a help center for my customers?
• Should I have a help center for my agents?
• Are my customers getting the help they need?


• How do I control my costs?
• Can the team help grow the company?
• Is my company's brand being upheld?

We have answers

Experienced support leaders in every industry

Product configuration based on your use case

Jumpstart from zero to one hundred in 30 days

Workflows that make sense

We will help you navigate, select, and set up what makes sense for your company. By partnering with leading ticketing, chat, and call center products combined with our secret sauce, you get the most out of your software.

Get ready to grow

Not sure whether you should keep hiring and if entry-level employees are best? When should you hire a manager or look at 3rd party staffing solutions? We pull together industry-leading options that take on the initial burden of hiring.

Software for Managers

Use customer trends to make confident decisions with strategic possibilities.

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Personalized Coaches

Upgrade your support operation and improve your customer experience with one-on-one video conversations.

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Outsource Tasks

Access support analyst experts to optimize your ticketing, chat, and phone systems. All without lifting a finger.

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Where do you go from here?

Boostopia integrates with your ticketing, phone, and chat software to understand your support operation. We provide a dedicated support coach to be your guide and help when you run into problems.

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"Just to have people on the other side of the fence that understand what they're talking about and how to accomplish the goal has been helpful."

Nick Phelps


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Ticketing systems are not built for support leaders to do your job.
Welcome to your new home base.

Support Coach

Personalized strategy, tactical, and management advice from your personal coach.

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Offload ongoing tool configuration and administrative tasks.

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Software Platform

All the tools you need to manage and improve your support operation.

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Want to not have to hire your next planned support agents?

Join the world's most successful companies and unlock your support data to improve your support operation.

Reduce Support Costs

Improve Your Team

Be World Class

Upgrade Your Operation

Save Tens of Thousands

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