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Upgrade Support with A Coach

Pair your current support leadership with a personal coach. Upgrade your support operation and improve your customer experience with one-on-one video conversations.

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Your very own support guide

Your support team has a lot to keep up with to stay on top of the day to day of managing your support team. Our coaches are here to guide you along the path of becoming a results-focused manager. Balance financial and operational objectives with a customer experience that affect the bottom line.

Team scheduling

Match your team's work schedule based on when your customers need help.

Team performance management

Learn how world-class managers continuously motivate their team to hit measurable performance and quality goals.

Quality improvement

Develop quality review programs that regularly provide constructive guidance to enhance your team's level of service.

Software strategy

We are agnostic to the ticketing, chat, and phone systems you use. We give universal tactics to take your systems to the next level.

Seasonal hiring

On- and off-boarding become hard when you work through your busy periods. Get playbooks and 1v1 support to navigate these challenges.

Understand to improve

Pair your coach with our Reporting Solution to find initiatives you can act on to capture opportunities.

Become a better leader

If you don't invest in developing your support leadership, who will? Accelerate your support leaders and support the team's development and reap the rewards.

Recurring Meetings

Meet with your dedicated Support Coach to review team performance. Plan areas of opportunity and choose playbooks to enact to improve everything.

Quarterly Business Reviews

Review progress with Operations and Finance managers and even Founders. Work together to sign off on the high-level game plan for the next 3 months.

Group Webinars

Join monthly group webinars with special AMA's from leading support operations and managers from companies like yours.

Who is this for?

You have clear team leaders who own different areas of the support operation now.

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No Support Manager

Too small to have a support manager? No problem. We work with companies that have 1 part-time support agent.

1 Support Manager

You have a team and a junior support manager. We love leveling-up leaders by teaching years of experience in months.

More than 1 Manager

You have specialized leadership roles with several team leads. We can pair coaches with some or all managers to invest in career development.

We drive results

Justify your budget by turning your support leaders into world-class experts. Our solution drives thousands of dollars in annual savings on average. With savings like that, you don't need to hire that next full-time agent for $45k per year.

"It completely changed my role to be honest and I've been able to take on other things like additional tasks and it makes me feel like my role is a lot more worthwhile."

Kelly Vanneman

"Just to have people on the other side of the fence that understand what they're talking about and how to accomplish the goal has been helpful."

Nick Phelps

"Boostopia has been the guiding light into helping our support leadership with the skills they need and to get our CX operations to the point we have all hoped for, understanding cost per ticket (reducing it by 45%), freeing up time for members of the team to shift into new roles, and really helped clean up a problem that was necessary if we wanted to continue to scale at a blistering pace."

Michael Grasewicz

Ready to meet your support coach?

Our coaches have experience in companies large and small. From technology to eCommerce, we match you with a coach that understands the challenges your team faces.

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"[Boostopia] was helping us with our growth and did so in a way where we were able to maintain satisfaction ratings and  provide a high level of service."

Drew Stadler

Head of Happiness

Want to not have to hire your next planned support agents?

Join the world's most successful companies and unlock your support data to improve your support operation.

Reduce Support Costs

Improve Your Team

Be World Class

Upgrade Your Operation

Save Tens of Thousands

Dedicated Coach

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