Security at Boostopia

You can trust Boostopia to keep your data secure.

Our commitment

At Boostopia, customer trust is our top priority. We seek to maintain the highest standards of data privacy and security because we know your company data is vital to keep secure.

Boostopia regularly reviews our security programs to identify how we can continue to build on our existing security protocols. From encrypting data in transit to internal employee controls, we know that our customers trust us to keep sensitive data secure. Keeping your data safe is our promise.

We are always growing our security protocols, procedures, and features. So if there is a particular security feature that is important to you, reach out to your team to inquire about the coming availability of that feature.

Secure and reliable infrastructure

Boostopia uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the hosting of staging and production environments.

24×7 Security

Biometric Scanning

Video Surveillance

SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3 Certified

Data permissions and authentication

Access to customer data is limited to authorized employees who require it for their specific job function and all data access is logged.

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