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Ticketing systems were not built for you to do your job of managing your team and improving your customer's experience.

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Tired of overly basic reporting in your ticketing system that doesn’t help you move things forward, but don’t have an advanced degree in statistics? Upgrade your existing ticketing, chat, and phone system and finally know why customers are contacting you, where each team member can improve, and how you can prove your worth to the rest of your company.

Improve your team

What if you could make a business case for investing in additional team training or tools to help your agents soar? With Boostopia, managers are able to improve team output by 20% on average, while decreasing stress and team churn! Become a true coach, not a passive ‘fire extinguisher’ for emergencies.

Serve your customers

You won’t believe how empowering it is to finally understand in a detailed, but not overwhelming way, why your customers are reaching out to your team in the first place. With that information and your Boostopia team, you can identify how to improve your customers experience systematically, leading to increased customer happiness and delight.

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Ticketing systems are not built for support leaders to do your job.
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