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Feel like something is missing? You already have a ticketing system for your agent team to work in to do their job. Upgrade it so you and your support lead can understand what is happening in support, improve the team, and better serve your customers.

Understand what's happening

Tired of just throwing money at your support operation to increase head count as the operation grows? With a detailed and actionable understanding of what is going on, you can make the business case for investing in improving the operation, so that you are eliminating bottlenecks in your company in the first place.

Control costs

Would you rather spend thousands of dollars a month manually solving customer problems, or improve a process so customers don’t have that problem to begin with? Invest in systems and tools, not just headcount. Company’s implementing the Boostopia solution routinely decrease the volume of problem based support requests by 30%+!

Upgrade your team

If you have a small support operation, you are still likely providing leadership to your junior managers (probably a first time manager) to run the support operation day to day. You likely don't personally have 10+ years in support leadership positions either. Invest in a full system to cost effectively upgrade that support leader so that you don’t have to own high level strategy and direction. Fast track your manager to a Director or higher level of experience in no time.

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