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Your Support Team Can Increase Revenue Too

There is so much your support team can be doing if they had extra time. Equip them to move beyond the basics and start systematically improving your customer experience and testing proactive communication that makes you more money.

Improve customer experience

What is customer experience? The first challenge you have is identifying the sub-par experiences in your customers' journey today. Customer support provides a treasure trove of data to identify opportunities to eliminate pain points in their experience. Your support team can now regularly provide transparent, helpful, and easy to interpret data around what problems customers are having that lead to them needing to reach out in the first place.

Drive more revenue

If your support team can never breathe because they are always stuck solving problems, then there isn’t room to test programs to improve conversion rates and expand LTV. They can’t move to the fun stuff if they don’t own the essentials.

Start proactive programs

With extra time free’d up, you can now work with your support leadership team to test programs like proactive chat on product pages or 'Stylist' type programs to offer consultative product advice and recommendations to prospective or current customers.

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