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Prioritize Your Day and What To Do Next

As a support leader, you are always juggling tasks and projects and across your areas of responsibility. Consolidate all of those sticky notes right next to your tools to do your job and relieve stress.

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Whatever your team uses to talk to your customers — we can help

Keep yourself organized

Sticky notes, emailing yourself, and spreadsheets have met their match. Easily and quickly add to-do’s for yourself, set due dates, and make plans.

Prioritize the next biggest

Now that you have chosen what to work on, choose a deadline, how much you want to improve, and what you want to do to achieve that goal. Now you can get to work!

Collaborate on tasks that move your goals forward

Once you have identified goals for your team and the individuals in them, it is time for everyone to get to work. Tasks, associated under your goals, make it easy to make plans and keep track of action items to work towards to direct the momentum you need to reach your goals.

Stay on top of your team’s progress

Goal progress auto updates since we are pulling directly from your ticketing, phone, and chat systems your team is using. Out of the box reporting makes it easy to focus on off-track team or individual goals so you meet your objectives.

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Ticketing systems are not built for support leaders to do your job.
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Maximize your value and more rapidly improve your support operation.

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Join the world's most successful companies that are using Boostopia to unlock their support data to improve their support operation.

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