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Your help desk metrics are either overly basic or overly complicated; equal parts unhelpful. Unlock your roadmap to team performance and customer experience improvements.

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Whatever your team uses to talk to your customers — we can help

Get the inside scoop on your support operations

How did your support agents do this week? What were average handle times by topic? Our reporting calculates and tracks your favorite important KPIs for you. All automatically from the data that already lives in your ticketing, phone, and chat tools.

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"Boostopia has been the guiding light into helping our support leadership with the skills they need and to get our CX operations to the point we have all hoped for, understanding cost per ticket (reducing it by 45%), freeing up time for members of the team to shift into new roles, and really helped clean up a problem that was necessary if we wanted to continue to scale at a blistering pace."

Michael Grasewicz

Director of Marketing

No more spreadsheets

See your customer support data in a completely new way. Real-time trends and insights allow you to make high impact decisions that affect the bottom line.

Realize team potential

From agent productivity to internal workflows, understand exactly where you need to focus.

Find Efficiencies

Does one-touch resolution affect CSAT? Is there a big difference in agent handle times for certain conversation types? Get answers that help the team continually improve.

Review Responsiveness

How did your support agents do this week? How do they compare to one another? Track how reposonse metrics affect the agent and the customer experience.

Calculate Costs

What is the average cost of a conversation? Knowing what different conversations cost allows you to make decisions that will have the highest impact.

Evaluate Quality

Are some conversation types more susceptible to bad ratings? Where can agents improve the most? Get actionable feedback that improves your support operation.

Monitor SLAs

Are your agents sticking to their service levels? Should you create different SLAs for each channel? Clearly see how SLA impacts various quality metrics.

Understand. Take action.

Boostopia gives you a holistic view of your support operations to make confident decisions and improve both the customer and agent experience.

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CSAT By Topic Type

Finally see and understand 'apples to apples' the opportunities for agent and team quality training by moving beyond just seeing the averages.

Cost Per Conversation by Channel Type

Does it take more time, and therefore more cost, to solve a customer issue about an account login reset via the phone, vs email, vs chat?

Customers to Contacts Ratio

Understand and see the relationship between the ratio of people who buy a product from you or are active subscribers that end up needing to reach out to your support team.

Support Issue Costs by Topic

Now you can make the financial case with your boss or other departments about fixing the problem in your product or service that keeps leading to more tickets.

Agent Quality and Efficiency Priorities

Have an always up to date view of the top efficiency and quality improvement areas for each team member to drive your 1v1's and coaching plans.

Team Member CSAT

Now you can finally understand who needs to be trained on what. Does Suzy need some help on improving how she handles customer returns? Now you know.

Transform your agent and customer experience

Join the world's most successful companies and unlock your support data to improve your support operation.

Reduce Support Costs

Improve Your Team

Be World Class

Upgrade Your Operation

Save Tens of Thousands

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