Get Out of Your Spreadsheets

Our software tools are built to help managers do their job. Understand what is happening in your ticketing system, where your team can next improve, and how to better serve your customers.


Finally understand what is happening in your support department and know what to focus on next to improve the overall support operation, your team, and the experience for your customers. More helpful than your ticketing systems reporting without requiring advanced degrees in statistics.

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Identify, choose, and set goals for your entire department and your team, to improve how they operate and serve your customers. Using the OKR’s methodology, you can now effectively drive improvement towards business objectives to maximize impact and purpose.

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Tired of overly basic reporting in your ticketing system that doesn’t help you move things forward, but don’t have an advanced degree in statistics to run your own pivot tables? Upgrade your existing ticketing, chat, and phone system and finally know why customers are contacting you, where each team member can improve, and how you can prove your worth to the rest of your company.

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