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Agent Productivity
All of these apps are hand-curated to increase your team's ability to get work done faster and therefore decrease your cost per conversation to have conversations with your customers to solve their problems.
Customer Feedback
Your company can't fix what they don't know exists. So how well are you listening to every step of the customer journey? These solutions will upgrade how well you 'listen' to your customers, so you can proactively do something about it.
Customer Self-Service
As a first line of defense, your customers would rather find an 'instant answer' to their issue, and not have to wait minutes, hours, or days for your team to get back to them. Drastically decrease your overall teams support volume so that you can postpone having to hire that expensive next support team member. You can now protect your team from basic and repetitive simple questions, which makes their job more fulfilling and enjoyable.
Finding new team members that are not only competent for doing a great job, but also fit your organizational culture is a challenge that every support team faces. It doesn't have to be so hard.
Quality Monitoring
How are you currently measuring and monitoring the quality of the interactions that your team members are having with your customers? Relying on addressing a quality issue if it just comes up is no longer sufficient to maintaining a world class customer experience. These solutions can help you stay on top of how your team members are doing and how they can improve.
Returns & Exchanges
E-commerce company having to deal with increasing volumes of returns and exchanges that you are still manually processing? Customers expect experiences that are pleasant to use, simple, and fast. Pull your team out of repetitive returns and exchanges handling and give your customers the power to solve issues themselves.
Now that you know how your team is doing since you use the Boostopia Support Intelligence Platform, what do you do next to improve their performance? You are going to need to train them on your best practices so they can learn how to hit your team's performance standards. These training tools allow you to easily assign lessons, materials, and courses to team members for them to learn how to improve at what they do.