Pull Live Data From Anywhere

Boostopia connects with and upgrades all of your favorite customer support and business tools. We complement, we don’t replace.

This is where all of your company's information about your customers live. If you sell physical products online, then this is probably your e-commerce platform. If your a software company, this could be your customer CRM or custom database. If you don't see yours listed here, no worries, just reach out. We can probably figure something out if your interested in seeing a new core integration.
This is where your agents live to talk to your customers all day long. This will primarily be your text based conversations; emails, etc. For the Boostopia Support Operations platform to work it's magic, we need to have all of the activity data of your entire support team so we can decipher who is talking to whom, and about what. From there, we can make this data useful (finally!), to help Support Managers and Operations teams do their job.
Live Chat
So you offer chat to your customers? Look at you! It's important that we also have this conversation data as well so we can get a holistic look at all of the conversations you are having with your customers.
If you use the phone to talk to your customers, you know how hard it can be to make sense of everything that is happening in your call center software to drive real business improvements. We can also bring in all of your phone call records so you can see and understand what your agents are talking to your customers about, which agents need training in what type of conversation, and how you can generally make the phone support experience much more pleasant for your customers.
Payment Processing
In order to help your company understand how you are really treating your customers, we need to know who your customers are, especially the best ones ;-). With this information, we can overlay transaction, subscription, and purchase data in the context of your support department so you can uncover new ways to better serve your customers and get out of wasting time giving too much attention to customers who are just wasting your teams time.
Your surveying all of your customers with NPS and CSAT surveys right? In and of themselves, these numbers are not that helpful, because it doesn't help you figure out how to make things better for future customers. However, with this information inline with your customer data, conversation data from your support agent communication systems, there is some awesome insights that can be uncovered so you know how to begin doing things like proactive communication to make your customers happier.

Missing an Integration?

We are adding new integrations all the time based on demand from our customers. So let us know what you are interested in and we can let you know if we can build it just for you!

But Could Boostopia Help Us?

Glad you asked. We won’t really know unless we take a closer look.

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