Boosting Morale for Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch offers quality custom clothing at an affordable price. What started as a custom shirt business has grown into a line of fashion apparel. With their crowd-sourcing model, it allows consumers to feel connected through the entire process of Taylor Stitch's ever growing collection. Taylor Stitch is unconventional, innovative, and always testing out new ideas for their consumers to try.

Before Boostopia

Biggest unknown at the time was along the lines of what percentage of customers were unhappy with customer service that we weren't aware of. And the ‘we don’t know what we don’t know.’ Obviously when someone has an experience that would be much further out on the spectrum of what's normal you can generate responses–sort of a squeaky wheel problem. We were relying pretty heavily on just a standard CSAT score, and I'm not sure that provided enough information to really know if we were doing as good a job as we could have.

Undigestible Data

Setting up reporting that was clean, digestible and allowed one to drill into certain categories but gave a bird's eye view… Zendesk was made by engineers, so that’s not an easy task to do on your own.

Low Company Morale

Honestly, morale. Being in CX is a grinding job, and there needs to be upward mobility for all individuals in the company. When you’re moving fast as a company, CX members have spent far too long in the trenches and now know the valuable information we can use to benefit both the business and our team.

With Boostopia

We have the ability to think of customer service as being a little bit more proactive versus reactive. So we now have the opportunity to assist customers that are behaving as though they're on the fence or have specialized style type questions who are lower funnel type versus just trying to initiate a return or needing to know the location of a store. [Boostopia] has really helped us reshape the way that we approach to support. We've in turn made developments like optimizing Zendesk and putting up a help center so we can spend less time doing the actual support and more time thinking about some of the ways that we can provide a better user experience to surprise and delight our customers.

Optimized Workflow

It used to be that the two other in-house people on my team would spend most of the day answering support tickets and I would be working on other customer experience initiatives. We all are spending exponentially less and less time [answering tickets] because our workflow is optimized and we're a lot more efficient which means that we can help tackle and develop other areas of the business to create a broader, deeper Taylor Stitch brand.

Team Growth

We are probably receiving 50 percent fewer inbound tickets than we were just three or four months ago. But I’ve always been a firm believer of allowing individuals to grow and use skills they’ve learned on the job to add incremental value to other parts of the business. We had two very talented individuals spending time manually entering in returns. I can happily say we’re moving away from that, and the impact on our top line and morale will be priceless.

"Boostopia has been the guiding light into helping our support leadership with the skills they need and to get our CX operations to the point we have all hoped for, understanding cost per ticket (reducing it by 45%), freeing up time for members of the team to shift into new roles, and really helped clean up a problem that was necessary if we wanted to continue to scale at a blistering pace."

Michael Grasewicz

Director of Marketing

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