From Reactive to Proactive for Peter Millar

Peter Millar embraces a classic, old-world style resplendent in sharp detail, superb craftsmanship, and only the highest quality materials available. Covering a broad color palette, Peter Millar offers their consumers a wide range of woven and knit performance shirts to outerwear, footwear, and accessories. They offer affordable elegance for business attire, performance wear, and everyday sophistication.

Before Boostopia

For us, we were always living in a reactive state. Something would happen and we would have to react to it. Now it's forced us to be more proactive. We're able to identify problems before they happen and know how to tackle the issue.

Busy Spikes

Around a big sale, we’ll often get hit with a hefty spike in customer support contacts. The whole goal with deflection is to allow the customers to find the answers and not even have to reach out to us, which is a better experience for them. Boostopia has helped us focus on providing a robust knowledge base, setting up live chat, and the foundational necessities that help the team from being bombarded and overwhelmed.

With Boostopia

I think as a whole working with Boostopia has forced us to think how we can be more proactive and the long term relationship with the customer versus in the moment. Our decisions we make at a customer service level now are going to impact the brand as a whole.

Brand Visibility

One of our big projects we've been working on lately is Net Promoter Scores. We've never had that in the past so we've never had an accurate poll of what's going on with the brand. Getting a real pulse for the brand as a whole has been so valuable to know where we stand with our customers.

Helping Customers Help Themselves

I think the biggest impact we've had is understanding how to direct customers in a way that gives them the best customer experience but also protects our agents from questions that can be answered by our knowledge base. Once we partner with Boostopia we knew that understanding the customer experience would be a priority. We had to make time for it, and it's been nice to be able to deliver that to our customers.

"We now able better identify problems and come up with solutions on how we're going to tackle them before they turn into major issues."

Alexis Ratchford

Ecommerce Customer Care Manager

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