Creating Clarity for From the Farmer

From The Farmer is all about making good food more convenient. Connecting consumers to local products they provide only the highest quality foods available. Every week their teams work with farmers to curate the freshest box of fruits and veggies. Customers also have the option to customize their boxes to suit their family's needs by editing their box as well as adding additional add-ons ranging from a variety of staple products. Each delivery comes straight to your door in an eco-friendly reusable bag, providing you with the essentials for delicious farm-fresh meals.

Before Boostopia

We didn't really know much of anything, honestly. All we had was anecdotal evidence and the platform that we were using previously. The metric tracking and the ability to see what types of tickets we were solving was rudimentary at best. We didn't have a picture of what was going on.

Unfiltered List

One of the biggest headaches has been the technical backbone that we use to build our subscription platform at the moment. It's been a real pain to try and integrate a smooth customer experience with it as the backbone of all of our subscription order generation. Boostopia has already helped by allowing us to better track the types of issues that are coming in. We've started to filter cases by priority now which is something that I know the executive team was super happy about, and I found that it's a big boon for us as well.

No Customer Visibility

We were just doing our best to distill the information that we were getting from customers and pass it along. We had a channel in Slack called feedback that we would share important messages that would come across the pipeline. But in terms of a top-down view of what people were really talking about and the issues we were experiencing, we didn't have much of an understanding of that at all.

With Boostopia

We’re able to get similar amounts of work done with a smaller team, and allowed us to get back in the driver's seat. In a lot of ways, we're trying to be more and more data-focused, and Boostopia has been able to provide us with using what we have and being able to extrapolate a lot of really important data insights. And that's been big for us. It's not so much like “this is where people are going,” and “this is how much we're spending” or that sort of thing. This is actually like “no, this is exact” and that's really great to have.

Hand-Picked Platforms

The transition over to a more powerful Zendesk platform that allows us to do more. We haven't necessarily had the time to perfect all the integrations or macros or triggers, but we have the power to, and we will with them in our court.

Customer Clarity

We're able to get a lot more accomplished it feels like with less, probably due to clarity and understanding and FAQs have definitely improved. The best customer support is no customer support, and in some regards, I like it because the customer can do it all themselves.

"Just to have people on the other side of the fence that understand what they're talking about and how to accomplish the goal has been helpful."

Nick Phelps


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