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Criquet Shirts is all about the spirit of the 19th hole, wherever and whenever you're most at ease. Criquet Shirts reimagines classic looks while providing their customers with high-end quality. They are continuously on the quest to design new styles that keep their customers looking sharp and ready to relax no matter where they are.

Before Boostopia

A lot of my role beforehand was adjusting coupon codes, helping customers apply a shipping code, and manual returns and exchanges. [Before Boostopia] I knew my time could be better spent doing other things, and they found a way to make that happen by streamlining our processes and giving me more time to help our growing company.

Personalized Platforms

When I started we had a live chat for example but it wasn't really ever used. When we started with Boostopia, they had us try out a few other programs for our main chat and the one we finally settled on has many more capabilities. We can proactively reach out to customers and engage with them in ways we couldn’t before which has been really fun for me.

With Boostopia

[Boostopia is] very knowledgeable in the space and have a lot of experience having been intimately involved in e-commerce before. They always come to us with new ideas of how we can make things more efficient or new programs that we can implement. I do appreciate that they are always in the know with up and coming things that other companies are doing as well. And so I really appreciate that. But they're great. We love working with them.

Filter by Importance

Finding a third party that could give us extra support with emails and takes the low-level tickets off of my plate. That alone gives me time to focus on other things such as live chat.

Streamlined Processing

Our processes are a lot more professional and more streamlined. Now customers have one place where they can go to get the answer they need as fast as they can. We have the whole knowledge base setup on our site now which we didn't have before. That's been really helpful and our processes are a lot smoother than they were both from a customer standpoint and for my workflow.

"It completely changed my role to be honest and I've been able to take on other things like additional tasks and it makes me feel like my role is a lot more worthwhile."

Kelly Vanneman

Head of Customer Service

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