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Bundle Boostopia’s Platform and Service Add-ons to maximize your value and more rapidly improve your support operation, and upgrade your team for the highest ROI.

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Software Platform

With the Boostopia Support Operations Platform, you can plugin to and upgrade your existing ticketing system so that you can understand what is going on and improve your team and your customers experience. Our software tools help Support Managers and leaders do their job, just like ticketing systems help agents and individual team members do theirs.

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Upgrade your team with a Support Coach

Whether you have 1 agent, 1 manager with a team, or multiple managers; pairing them with a seasoned Support Coach will drastically improve not only bottom line, but how you treat your customers.

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Unlimited Support Analyst task subscription

Don’t have the time, interest, or expertise to get the most out of your ticketing, phone, or chat system for your support department? Give it to us. We nerd out on systems optimization and can handle all of the day to day grunt work with troubleshooting and tweaks.

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