Brand Handbook

The Boostopia brand is an extension of our values and our dedication to customer support.

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The Boostopia logo represents our company, culture, and brand. It is a mix of friendly professionalism – playful but still structured. Please abide these guidelines and use our voice in its proper, approved forms.

The logo

Use the full logo whenever possible.

The mark

The Boostopia mark should only be used in cases where an icon is required. Otherwise, use the logo.

Clear space

The logo should always have clear space, free from any other elements. The minimum spacing surrounding the logo is equal to the rocket icon on each side.


Color plays a huge role in communicating our brand. It enhances the user experience by helping stay informed and engaged with the product and its content.

Backgrounds, text

Illustration, Logo

Backgrounds, illustration

Call to action


Boostopia's illustration is huge component to storytelling. We use it to delight our users and remind them that they are they key to success at their company. Customer support is more than a reactive solution; it's a source of helpfulness and quality.

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