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“Boostopia’s audit highlighted key opportunities to improve our customer service while also cutting costs associated with customer inquiries. Deciding to take the plunge and request the audit has improved our business and the data strongly indicates that the engagement was well worth our time and money.”

Jon Mark Baucom

Chief Financial Officer, Peter Millar

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How well is your company serving your customers?

We will conduct an in-depth review of how you have structured your operations acfross all of your communication in your ticketing systems and tools. Whether it is email, sms, or phone; we can provide insights into what major oppportunities you have to take your programs to the next level.

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"I didn't know what to expect, but it was glaringly obvious that we had a lot of room for improvement in regards to our customer support. Understanding the cost of each interaction with a customer was especially eye opening. Any small company that doesn't have an in-house expert in customer support would benefit greatly from just the (Boostopia) audit alone."

Trent Jones

Planning and Operations, Jack Mason

Frequently asked questions

Have a question about our service? We can answer some of those for you.

I don’t need an audit; our support department doesn't have any challenges right now.

Most companies don’t look for solutions until there are problems. Every company has completed an audit for has found opportunities to decrease the cost to support their customers by 20-40% while at the same time surveing their customers better.

What is a qualified company?

Our audit is in high demand so we can’t say yes to everyone. Boostopia is built to help B2C companies, so if your customers are other businesses, we can happily refer you to other solutions. At this stage for our company, we are only working with companies between 1-99 customer service team members in their support department (although we consider exceptions on a case by case basis). Sorry enterprises :-(

What is the catch? This is too good to be true.

A small task is a task that our certified expert Support Analysts can take care of within a couple of hours. Examples would be configuring new automation, triggers, or workflows in your ticketing system. Things that need a developer or a project with a large number of tasks are not covered within this solution. When in doubt, ask us.

How do I know my company information is secure and kept private?

We have the strict security protocols in both how we manage your system credentials and customer information. We also don’t get started until we sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement (MNDA) so your legal team can remain stress-free. ;-)

How much money does this cost?

The support audit is completely free for qualifying companies.

How long does it take for me to get my results?

Once we have the information that we need from you to begin, it takes between 1-2 weeks for us to deliver you the completed audit.

What do you actually give me?

A 5-10 page examination of how the quality and efficacy of your support programs, systems, and processes across your different support channels. Channels include but are not limited to email, phone, live chat, social, and messaging. We include an assessment of your website and how well you provide answers to customers questions without having to reach out to your support team, balancing accessibility of support communication channels and maximizing for functional self-service formats.

What do you need from me to complete the audit?

After you sign your end of the MNDA, we require primarily two things. 1. Access to your relevant support tools. This includes your ticketing system, your phone system, live chat, and any miscellaneous custom reporting you may keep helping manage your business. 2. A couple of answers to a short questionnaire about your current support operation that can be finished, normally in about 3-5 minutes.

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