Our Mission

Support can and should be more than answering questions about the status of a customer shipment. Customers want to be treated like individuals and not numbers. Boostopia brings in a new era of customer support.

It Started with One Agent

Justin Winter, Co-founder and CEO, was also previously the Co-founder and CEO of Diamond Candles, a home fragrance e-commerce company. In his time starting and growing that company, he was the first customer service agent.

As the company scaled, he went through hiring the first full-time support agent as well as the first full-time support manager. One of his biggest challenges during his time there was running and scaling customer service.

A Fresh Start

He was always frustrated with existing tools to improve the customer’s experience and how support fit in with thinking about marketing and retention. He realized over the years that his problems were not unique to his company, but that others had the same challenges. He set out with two of his employees at Diamond Candles to start with him as Co-founders. Melanie, Paul, and Justin decided to build what they wish they had at Diamond Candles, and Boostopia was born.

Company Culture

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The Astronauts

Justin Winter


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Paul Davis

Head of Operations

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Mel Fisher-Wellman

Head of Design


Jared Chmielecki

Head of Engineering


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