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A Support Manager's Job is Hard

Your Painful existence now

Managing a customer service team is expensive, time consuming, and frustrating. The last thing you need are basic reports or complicated spreadsheets from your phone or ticketing system that only look at one aspect of your company's relationship with your customers.

what your tomorrow can be

Combine all of your customer data so you can understand your support operation without guessing or ugly spreadsheets. We help you easily identify and act on the next biggest opportunities to increase team productivity, save money, and help your business grow.

Support Operations Platform for Support Departments

Managers are wasting their days manually cobbling together spreadsheets from ticketing, phone, chat, and e-commerce or CRM tools. After putting out fires all day long, interpreting that information to figure out how to actually make things better? Forget it. Let us help you understand what to do next that will really make an impact.

Contact Rates

The percentage of people who buy a product from you that end up needing to reach out to your support team because they either have a problem or are confused by something.

Cost per Contact by Channel

The average amount of money it costs your company to solve a customer’s issue broken out by channel, email vs phone vs live chat vs social.

NPS Score Effect on LTV

Customers who are detractors spend $75 less in repeat purchases.

Staffing Demand Forecasting

The predicted number of additional support team members needed to help with the increase in customer conversations for the holiday shopping season.

Team Proficiency Opportunity

If team members were as efficient as your most skilled agent for your top 5 customer conversation topic types, then you would have this many extra hours per week to focus on new revenue generating activities.

Agent CSAT Revenue Impact

The effect of the highest reviewed support team member on future purchase likelihood compared to the lowest CSAT reviewed team member. just give a couple examples

Taking Care of Customers is for Everyone

Customer support that’s not complex, rewards the bottom line, and cultivates happy, loyal customers. Support doesn't have to be a black box that you keep throwing money at blindly.

  • • Decrease costs, increase efficiency (not people)

  • • A customer support machine that’s always improving

  • • Focus on the customer (not the system)

Don't feel managed by your customers, be empowered to improve your operation.

  • • Anticipate and manage surprises, don’t be controlled by them

  • • Retain team members longer by giving them more fulfilling work

  • • Claim a more respected seat at the table by owning the voice of the customer

What if your managers could help you understand where you get better, support you to hit new heights, and be recognized and rewarded for it?

  • • Feel like you’re truly serving the customer (not a prison sentence)

  • • Understand your strengths and where to improve

  • • Be recognized for delighting customers

Your support team should be serving your customer so well that they are actively winning back people who otherwise would have been lost because of bad initial experiences.

  • • What if your support department proactively reached out to unhappy customers?

  • • Self service support tools in front of customers when they are thinking about buying means more buying

  • • Never hear about stress in your support department again

Companies being attentive, responsive, and proactive to serve you? Yes please.

  • • Self-service support that doesn’t lead to more questions

  • • Agent interactions that are delightful, not frustrating

  • • Be added to their “things that make me happy” list

What Results Are Other's Seeing?

The world's fastest growing Retail & eCommerce and Software & Technology organizations are partnering with Boostopia to transform how they think about serving their customers. Your organization have a customer service department with at least 1 full-time support team member? We can help.

"We've been able to identify problems before they've happened to figure out solutions on how we're going to tackle them. Even how to prevent them from becoming problems in the first place. We are getting 25% less basic support questions then we were before."

Alexis Ratchford

Customer Care Manager, Peter Millar

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"We now have the ability to think of customer service as being more proactive versus reactive."

John Zurbach

COO, Taylor Stitch


"Boostopia helped us with our growth and did so in a way where we were able to maintain satisfaction rating and help provide a high level of service."

Drew Stadler

 Head of Happiness, Bombas

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